Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jobs, grades, and second graders...

I hate looking for a job. I don't usually mind working a job, but I hate looking for one and putting in applications upon applications. It doesn't look like I got the one job that I interviewed for last week, so I am still looking. I know that God has the perfect job out there for me, I just wish he'd put up some big shiny flashing arrows to let me know where I'm supposed to apply. Then I'll apply there, only I haven't seen the giant flashing arrows yet.... has someone else seen them and neglected to inform me?

So my grades were posted from last semester and I pulled a 4.0. Now my total GPA is a 3.93 which is pretty sweet and in the Sign Language Studies program I still have a 4.0. Alas, my break is now over and I'm back at school. My class only has 6 people in it, but it's really not where I want to be lately. Don't get me wrong, I love school, I just want a break right now. But I have to take this class or add a whole year onto graduation. Stupid pre-reqs.

I worked with the second graders on Sunday... I think every single one of them (wait, there was one who was fine) had sugar before coming into the small group time. I have never seen the group so loud and obnoxious. They were in rare form. We really didn't get anything done, because I wouldn't talk until they all were quieter. I don't expect them to be angels, but not name calling, hitting, kicking, sitting on, and a bunch of other stuff would be nice.

What else has happened lately????? Hmmmm.....I had my first shift at the writing center of the new term. It was incredibly boring... it was the first day of the semester... no one needs help yet. Relay is fast approaching and I have a ton to do for that... but I don't even know what that ton is since I haven't had a chance to look at my Relay stuff. That's pretty much it... rather boring lately.

Till next time....


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