Friday, February 27, 2009


I love rainbows. I love that they represent God's promises. I think what I love most though is that for every rainbow I am the only one seeing exactly that rainbow. It doesn't matter if someone is standing inches away from me, they see a slightly altered version of the rainbow I see. I am the only one to see the rainbow from my point of view.

So why all the sudden interest in rainbows?? Lately, when I've been driving in my car, I'll look up and there will be a tiny piece of a rainbow, totally unexpected. Each time I've seen one, it hasn't been raining, it's just been really overcast. And at that moment, I realize that no one else is seeing the exact same rainbow as me. It's like God specifically painted that rainbow in the sky for me. It always makes me smile and remember God's love to think that He would paint a rainbow just for me.

Now thinking back on those instances, the rainbows always appear when it's gray and overcast and just generally dreary outside. And sometimes when it's like that on the outside, I'll start to feel like that on the inside. Then a rainbow ppears and it's as if God is saying..."Even in the dreary, tiring, blah times... I am still here. My promises are still good. You can still trust me. I painted this rainbow just to show my love for you."

And frankly, I just think that's really cool.

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Julie Steppey said...

Thank you for that one, it brought tears to my eyes! God is there all the time and he is soo good all the time even when we don't know he is working in our lives he is a constant! Always waiting for us to notice the little things and of course the not so little things like Rainbows! :)