Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In August my Papa passed away.  This is something I wrote shortly after.  I hope you enjoy it.

Papa was popcorn...with lots and lots and lots of butter.
Papa was puzzles...jigsaw, wordsearches, crosswords, they didn't cause him to shudder.
Papa was pistachios and nutcrackers,
games and fun.
Papa was.

Papa was stamp collecting...from all over the world.
Papa was scrapbooking...before it was cool.
Papa was late nights at sleepovers and eggs for breakfast.
Papa was

Papa was gardening and flowers...oh, how they bloomed.
Papa was jeopardy and wheel of fortune...he always got the clues.
Papa was zoo trips and picnics,
playdates and field trips.
Papa was.

Papa was quiet and humble...soft spoken he was.
Papa was prayer and example to all
Papa was serving and loving
joyful and true.
Papa was.

And because of all Papa was
We have become all we are.
Papa's "was" is, in us, Papa's "now".

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. You are a good communicator. A day has not gone by yet, when I have not been reminded of him in some way. I am happy one day we will get to see him in heaven.