Sunday, July 21, 2013


The last 8 months have been a roller coaster of emotions.  I've had some really awesome times: times filled with laughter and joy and Jesus.  I've also had some really rough times: times filled with tears and sadness and Jesus.

Jesus has been the common denominator (see Mom! I was paying attention with math!).  He's the constant.  And I'm falling deeper in love with him everyday.

I marvel at his timing.

I'm astounded at the beauty of his word.

I'm in love with his promises.

Is everything perfect in my life right now?  No way.  Life is actually a little rough right now... not every part, but some big chunks.

But Jesus is still Jesus.  Jesus is constant.  Jesus doesn't change.  And Jesus is who I'll rely on.

Who are you relying on when things get tough?

"For the word of the Lord holds true,
    and we can trust everything he does."
Psalm 33:4

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