Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blown away...

Some days God just blows me away.

When I write here, I enjoy checking the stats feature to see how many people have been reading.  Sometimes I'm blown away by the amount of page views after I post something.  And sometimes it seems like just a drop in the bucket.

The page views aren't why I write.  I write because God keeps teaching me things and this is how I process.  I write to make the thoughts stop tumbling around in my head.

No, the page views aren't why I write, but they are a small nudge from God reminding me that other people are going through the same things and I should keep writing.

Which brings me to today...

I got on here just to check the stats page.  I had no intentions of writing today and I haven't written since mid-November.

Which is why I was blown away.

On Friday I had 81 page views.

That may not seem like a lot to you, but there are days when I write something and I only get 25-35 page views.  Sometimes, if I post a few days in a row, during peak traffic hours, I can get that number up into the 80s/90s/100s... but that's rare.  So to see 81 page views on a day when I hadn't written, during a week that I hadn't written, and the previous post before that was mid-November was humbling and exciting and a bunch of other emotions that I haven't fully identified yet.

It was like God reminding me that I write for a reason.  It's not just for me.  Other people need to know who Jesus is and that He loves them.  Other people need to know God's grace and mercy.

And through this blog, I get to have a small part in that.

Blown away.

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