Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Work, Prayer, and Surrender

So I haven't updated in a really long time. I started a new job for those of you who are wondering. I now work at a Hallmark store. Surprisingly, I enjoy it most of the time, provided customers leave the store when we close and don't keep us there forever. In addition I have now been selected to purchase all my family's cards for however long I work at Hallmark. I'd really like to try and keep working there during the school year but we'll see how that works later.

40 has officially started. For those of you who don't know what it is, I'll explain. Woodside's college/young adult ministry is taking 40 days and praying nonstop. There is also a plan to read through Nehemiah in 40 days and the entire Bible in 40 days (the 2.5% reading plan). They're are also planning to do 40 service projects during the time period. I am really excited and have already signed up for a few hours in the prayer room. I'll (hopefully) sign up for more once I know my work schedule farther out.

So at Lighthouse on Sunday night, Cliff was talking about the passage in Exodus where Joshua goes into battle and Moses has to stand with his hands raised or the Israelites get slaughtered. Whenever I had read that story before it always reminded me of the importance of having people beside you to lift you up when you are to weak to hold yourself up. Cliff's message encompassed that but the idea that I came away with the most was Moses' position. Moses had to have his arms straight up in the air and keep them there. Before this he might have had to raise his hands, but keep them there... never. Cliff was talking about how this is a picture of surrender. Moses couldn't win the battle on his own. This way no one but God could take credit for what was about to happen. Now if you know me, you know that during worship I love to raise my hands... I've never been able to figure out why exactly I love to raise my hands, but I know I worship better with my hands either moving in ASL or in the air. Cliff mentioned that a lot of people raise their hands as a sign of surrender. Just think of a police officer chasing down a robber. He's got him cornered...what does he say? "Get your hands in the air". It's a sign that you've stopped running and now God's in charge. It's solidifying who God is; that he is in charge.

Guess I have another reason to raise my hands now.

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