Tuesday, August 12, 2008

40, Twins, and Actively Waiting

Wow, it's been a really long time since I updated... I really should get better at doing this.

It's hard to believe but 40 is almost over. These past 40 days have been an amazing time of growing closer to God and to the other young adults at Lighthouse. This time has almost been like a mission's trip experience... You're somewhat cut off from the world, you have all the support in the world to grow in your faith. Now is the time where we have to go back to the real world and continue to grow in our faith. Pray that we won't put down our swords when these 40 days are finished but that we'll keep fighting.

I've been working at Hallmark for a few months now and it's hard to believe that I've been there that long already. What's really hard to believe is that school starts in just a few weeks. I'm not really ready to go back. I'm liking sleeping more :-)

Sarah went back to KY and I'm missing my twin already. We're trying to make plans to see each other again soon. There's a conference in October that we both want to go to but we both have to figure out how it will work with our school schedules. The conference would be in Brentwood TN. So it would be close enough for her to probably drive, but I would need to fly and I'm having a hard time finding a flight that works with my schedule. Not too mention that I have no idea where I would get the money for the flight. Guess it's just another area that I need to trust God in right now.

A few weeks ago the young adults pastor at Woodside spoke about waiting. Ever since then it's just been something that's been pressed on my heart-- this concept of waiting. And not waiting the way we normally think of waiting, but actively waiting so that when God opens the door for us we can step through immediately saying yes. I just feel that lately I've been in a compete state of waiting. There are so many things that I want right now that God has not opened the doors for yet. Lately I've just been realizing the things that God has placed a desire in my heart to do and have but hasn't yet opened the doors for yet. It's caused me to start thinking about what I can do so when the door opens I can step through immediately and say yes. Whether it's waiting for my future husband, a chance to tour again, school to finish, or any one of numerous other points, I've been called to actively wait. To pursue God with everything that I have, to let him make me into the woman he wants me to be, to let God be enough right now knowing that he will provide everything else in HIS perfect timing. I've been called to go deeper with God, work to the best of my ability at school and work, and to continue training my voice so when the doors open I can step through without hesitation.

So, here's to waiting...because HIS timing is perfect and mine is far from it.

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