Friday, October 24, 2008


We are now back from Florida unfortunately... the beach was wonderful and so was Disney.... I just wish we could have stayed longer.

We got back on Tuesday in enough time for me to go to school and take my midterm for my interpreting class. So no time to rest, just jumped right back into the real world. Then on Wednesday I worked at school and on Thursday I worked and had class. Now this weekend I'm working at Hallmark, writing a paper for my Gerontology class, preparing a 15 minute presentation in ASL for another class, and I'm sure a million other things I haven't even thought about yet!

Well about a month ago I finally broke down and got a Facebook... now I seem to be rather addicted to it, but it's been good catching up with old friends that I had lost touch with.

Anyways... nothing new is really happening... it's all school, work, and more school and work.

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