Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birthdays and Family

Tonight we celebrated my sister's birthday with family and most of my extended family was over. I forget how loud they can all be until they get here. But instead of it being a sound that I hate, I'd rather sit back and enjoy it. I know I'm right where I want to be. I just sit back and listen to the chaos around me. It's the same way when we take family vacations... people think it's strange when I tell them that my favorite vacations are with all 16 of us. But to me it's not a vacation unless I have my family with me. It is rather boring just going with my immediate family... don't get me wrong I still vacation without bringing everyone and only going with my immediate family but I would rather go with everyone. It's just not a true vacation without everyone there.

My family is super close. My cousins are more like brothers and sisters and my aunts and uncles are friends. Most of the time I would rather hang out with my family than with my friends (or try to split the time so I get to do both). If I have to miss a family birthday party I'm usually in tears, because I'd rather be with my family than doing something for school. (Of course, usually I'd rather be doing anything but things for school :-)

So if you haven't guessed it yet, family is a major part of my life.

So anyways, back to the party tonight... My cousins were running around the house screaming, stealing slippers and playing hide and go seek. Well, all except Alicia who was working on a book that she is writing. Then Caleb (one of my four year old cousins) had some coffee with lots of cream and LOTS of sugar, If you've ever seen Alvin and the Chipmunks (the movie, not the old cartoon) when the manager gives them frozen coffee drinks with chocolate then you've seen Caleb when he has had coffee. Livi had to wear her party dress because she was going to a party and all evening she flounced around in her pretty pink dress.

So anyways my family is pretty cool.

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