Friday, April 25, 2008


So, this is what a blog is like, huh... Well we'll see if I'm any good at keeping this up to date or not. Anyway, I just finished with the semester... so glad it's over right now... but it does feel weird to not be thinking about homework that I need to be doing. Oh well, in a week I'll be back at it, for at least one class.

My allergies have been sooooooooo bad lately. I'm on meds and they've helped with the sneezing, but my eyes are really itchy. This past Tuesday I actually wore my glasses to school, which if you know me is a huge deal... normally I wear them only about once a year for the whole day, the rest of the time I would rather wear my contacts.

I saw Zack (one of my Young Continental Leaders) yesterday. He was on his way back from Nepal and had a 6 hour layover here, so Em and I took him out for dinner. It was good seeing him, since we haven't seen him in about 2 1/2 years. Hopefully this time we'll stay in better contact than we did before. Who knows? Maybe we'll even see him again!

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Julie Steppey said...

Hmmm....Zach huh? Is he the one who has been calling on the cell phone ? I may have to wonder about him. :) Love YA!
Crazy Aunt Julie