Saturday, May 23, 2009

Being still...

Recently I quit working at Hallmark. I really needed some time to rest and just be quiet. As I've had the past week to reflect on no longer working at Hallmark and the semester being over, I realized something. I don't know how to be still and relax.

I used to be very good at this. When I was younger, i prided myself in not allowing too many things in my schedule. Even my first year of college I tried to limit my activities outside of work and school. Then school and work took over my life, but I still wanted to have a life with friends so I added that too. That lead to this past semester of 15 credit hours, 3 jobs, and not being home most nights. Then all of the sudden all that stopped.

Now I don't spend enough time doing what matters in life. Instead I spend my time frivolously on the computer or doing other mindless menial tasks. Instead of spending time with the awesome, amazing, beyond understanding creator of the universe who loved me enough to die for, I go get on Facebook to read my friends status updates. I love spending time with my Jesus, I just forget how much I love spending time with him when I'm involved in something else. How many precious, sweet, tender moments have I missed in the arms of my Jesus because I've been too busy doing nothing of importance? What changes might have been made in my life by spending that time with him?

The way I've been spending time with my Jesus lately, you sure wouldn't know that I love to do it. And frankly, I have no excuse. I mean really, "Sorry Jesus, Facebook was calling my name tonight." That's not going to fly... with him or me.

So here's to the journey of learning how to spend time being quiet and still with my Jesus. Letting him hold me in his arms. Allowing my heart to be challenged and changed. Will you join me??

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