Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayer and Mosquitoes

Last night, I got together with some people from Lighthouse. Most of these people I had seen at Lighthouse, but never really met. Anyway, we all got together for one purpose: lifting up Lighthouse and our leaders in prayer. We had such an amazing time of prayer and then worship. Our group was there for three hours! It was so sweet and refreshing to be around young adults who love Jesus. The fellowship and the time we spent together was so incredible that I don't even really mind the massive amounts of mosquito bites I now have or the fact that I can't get the smell of bonfire smoke out of my hair. Okay, so maybe I mind a little, but not as much as if I had just been sitting outside doing nothing last night.

Anyways, today my heart is just overflowing with love for my Jesus.

Oh! And one of the coolest things.... Jesus sent bats to eat the mosquitoes!! How cool is that! I serve a God who cares enough about me to send bats to eat pesky little creatures so I can spend time with Him without distractions!!

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