Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Update

I really haven't posted in a long time, so I thought before the month of February was over I would try to fit a couple of posts in.

It's really funny. When you're graduating in May, people begin asking you, "So, what are you going to do when you graduate?" Lately my answer to that question has been, "I have no clue" and then when I get home or somewhere "safe" I vent about how much I hate that question. I really hate that question when people don't seem to like my answer. After all, I've been in college for four years... shouldn't I have it figured out by now?!?! Well, I don't... or maybe I didn't... actually, I still don't but I'm understanding more and more that I know the one who does.

About two days after I had my last major melt down on this subject, I got a text message/phone call. It was a fellow interpreter informing me of a new program that would be starting this summer in Utah to train/teach recent ITP (interpreter training program) grads to take the National Certification Exam. She thought of me immediately and got me hooked up with the contact person. A few days ago, I got all the info in the mail and now I have about three weeks to get everything down, but it's an amazing opportunity. I'm still praying about it, but even if this falls through, I'm not so worried about it. God literally dropped this in my lap, right after a major meltdown. Maybe this is an opportunity I'm supposed to take. Maybe all the doors will slam shut. Either way, I've learned and been reminded how much my God cares about me, and how much he will provide for me, and that's enough.

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