Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Possible internship update

Just an update about what is happening with the internship/classes/I really don't know what to call it :-)

Anyways, two weeks ago I was pretty sure that this would definitely not be happening. One of the parts of the application was to have taken and passed the written portion of the NIC (National Interpreter Certification) test. I went online and paid for the test on Tuesday March 9th. What I didn't realize until I paid for it was that it could be 1-2 weeks until I could register for the exam and then an additional 2-3 days before I received my confirmation letter. This freaked me out a little since I only had a week and a half until everything had to be postmarked. I sent out a mass Facebook message to 200 of my closest Facebook friends and an email to people who don't have a Facebook for people to be praying. I received my registration information that Friday and scheduled the exam for the following Friday. I then received my confirmation letter within minutes of registering. God is AMAZING!

So on Friday, March 19th, I took my NIC Written exam and passed it! I then put everything in the mail on Saturday, March 20th (the date everything had to be postmarked by). Now I have to wait. They have until April 15th to let me know whether or not I have been accepted into the program. It's hard to believe that after all that work, now all I have to do is wait. Seriously, I think this is the hard part now.

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