Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on Life...

I haven't written in a while but I wanted to give you all a little update on life in general. This will not be a continuation of the Ephesians blog (hopefully that will start back up again soon), but rather an up date of what God has been doing in my life lately.

As much as I would like to start this big long back story, I think I'll first state the simple fact that I have moved to Indiana. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why did she move to Indiana?" Well let me tell you.

It all started almost three weeks ago on the Wednesday of VBS week (July 27). Well, I guess it really started the day before. My aunt and uncle called to let me know about a job opportunity in Warsaw Indiana as a Sign Language Interpreter in the local high school. I wasn't home (I was actually at work) so my mom had them email me the ad. I looked at the ad and realized that I qualified for the position and decided to apply for the job, thinking there is no way on God's green earth that I will get this job. I have no experience and I just graduated. But oh, how God works.

Wednesday I applied for the job. The application was online and took around an hour to fill out and get a cover letter together. 40 minutes later I had a call for an interview. Because I couldn't get down to Warsaw as quickly as they needed to interview me, they decided to interview me over skype. The interview was then scheduled for 8 am that Friday (July 30).

The interview happened. It wasn't anything spectacular and I really wasn't sure how it went or if I really even wanted the job if I was offered it. I was completely and utterly confused and spent the next little while in tears (when I'm stressed or confused, I cry). By Sunday I had come to the conclusion that I really did not want to live in Warsaw Indiana. Though part of me was still very confused. I really wanted God's direction. That night I went to Lighthouse at Woodside and the message was specifically for me. The songs were each directed directly at my heart. The funny thing was, the lead guitar player and the one leading worship had a finger in a splint so he had had to change all the songs they were going to do to songs that didn't use that finger in any chords. God is really cool like that. By the end of the service I knew that I was going to Indiana (if I was offered the job).

Monday was okay. Tuesday things started to go a little down hill. I really just kept praying for peace and the thing I kept hearing God say to my heart was this: "Don't worry, pray. Take your eyes off yourself and put them on me. Then you will have peace. Put your eyes on me." Unfortunately, I didn't quite heed that and instead kept worrying about it. So the next few days were rough emotionally. By Thursday I was doing better about keeping my eyes on God. Which was a good thing since that evening I received the job offer. After crying over the phone to family and friends, I accepted the job on Friday.

Long story short, I moved down here this past Sunday and just finished my first day at a public high school.

I'm sorry if some of this doesn't make sense. I went to post it originally and blogger crashed on me and didn't save the full post in my drafts.

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