Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thankfulness in sickness...

So. I'm sick. Again.  But I'm getting better at it... this time I went 6 weeks without getting sick :-) and then the weather changed (which was good weather wise, bad sickness wise).  But since I've been sick so much lately with colds, I have some things that I have found I am very thankful for.  So here it goes.

1. Cold medicine-- it might not make the cold go away, but it does make it so I can function during the cold.

2. Tissues with lotion

3. Sleep

4. My normally healthy body

5. Chapstick

6. Hot showers

7. Menthol Lyptus Cough Drops

8. Comfy clothes

9. Wearing my glasses instead of my contacts

10. Time to chill with Jesus, because when I'm sick there's not much else I want to do.

11. Breathing through my nose. Something I take for granted all too often.

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