Monday, May 2, 2011

God Sized Moments

Moments.  God has a lot to say about moments and time.  Moments are special.  I happen to love those little moments where the little things happen.  The moments when I can hear God whispering to my heart.  The moments when I stop and listen.  The moments are where life happens.

Yet too often we forget to invite God into the moments.  We just go along our daily lives knowing he's out there, but forgetting to invite.  And invitations are nice.  I love knowing that I'm being thought of and I think God feels the same way.  He's waiting to be invited into the moments.

Still, I know that all my moments aren't pretty.  There are moments when I act in sin or when I am being completely overwhelmed by temptation.  But those are the moments that we need to invite God into the most.  He loves us. Deeply. Passionately. With a never-ending, unfailing, unfathomable love.  And those moments that I feel the most unlovable, are the moments I need to invite him into to show me how wrong I am.

I'm starting to see that every moment is a God size moment.  Every moment deserves to have his touch, his power, and his grace. That touch, that power, that grace, makes temptation flee.  It silences the condemnation and the judging voices.  By inviting God into those moments, I'm inviting God to take care of things.  It's not my power or my ability any more. It's Jesus. Working in me. Working through me.  Changing me. Shaping me.  Building me into his woman.

So.  I'm working on making every moment a God sized moment.  I'm working on inviting him to take part in the life that happens in moments. Moments are special.  And I have a God who cares about each moment of my day.  Who wants to savor the specialness with me.  Who wants to fight for me.  I like that.

"For the King trusts in the Lord.  The unfailing love from the Most High keeps him from stumbling."
Psalm 21:7

"For I am always aware of your unfailing love..."
Psalm 26:3a

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