Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lists and Heart Talk

I don't really have a lot to say tonight so I thought I'd make some lists for you.  Lists to help you get to know me better.  Lists of what I've been thinking about lately.  So.  First, a list of things I really really like:

1. Lists :-) They make me very very happy.

2. Not having to pack my lunch (and still having food to eat because of an awesome PTO!)

3. Not having to scrape my car in the morning (though it's supposed to frost tonight...sad)

4. Driving to work in the daylight and not with the moon still out!

5. Cough drops. They make my life so much better.

6. Long phone conversations with people I like to talk to.

7. Countdowns.  I have a whiteboard full of them.

8. Field Trips!!

9. Sleep :-)

10. Yummy beef burritos that I made from Mrs. Tappen's recipe. So good.

Things I don't like:

1. Packing my lunch :-)

2. Scraping my car in the morning.

3. The fact that my allergy meds aren't working and apparently I need to switch.

4. Students who are disrespectful.

5. Gas prices.  It's making it rough going to and from Michigan.

And there's probably more, but I hate being negative (whoops, there's number 6). So let's move on to better topics.

I love when Jesus speaks directly to my heart.  Usually it's no more than a gentle reminder that he's here with me, that he cares for me, or that something's happening that I need to pay attention to, but I love it.  There were times when I was not close to God at all.  I had turned away and couldn't hear him anymore.  And that's what I missed the most.  But God.  He gently pursued me and loved me.  He brought me to a place where I could hear his voice again.  And I love it.  It's precious because I know what it's like to not hear his voice.  It makes it that much more specail to hear it.

And now I'm rambling and my contacts are going in and out of focus so I'll stop.  But my heart is pretty much bursting with thankfulness right now over who my God is.  Because he's amazingly awesome and everyone should know him.

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